Value analysis

CCBuild aims at prolonging the lifespan of products and material within the building and real estate sector, thus making use of the value of existing resources. In CCBuild's value analysis we follow-up the re-use value for existing products with respect to potential to reduce waste quantities, climate emissions savings and economic value.


Value analysis of total content in CCBuild's Product bank

Report of results with key figures for re-use 

CCBuild has developed opportunities for the arena´s users to receive a report of results for an inventory project that shows the potential effects of re-use on waste volumes, climate impact and project costs. 

Quality criteria for reusable products 

An important question regarding re-use of building products on an industrial scale is quality assurance. 

Often high demands are put on products selected for projects. In order for used building products to be selected instead of newly produced ones, increased knowledge and clear communication about both their function and aesthetic is required. Moreover, documentation of the building products that are available for re-use is needed.